Property Management Services

General Administration

  • Management support for landlords & superintendents.
  • Provide direction to the staff who manages the day–to–day tasks.
  • Negotiate and coordinate with contractors, include bids for large repairs.
  • Assist tenants with concerns.

Administrative Management

  • Maintain all leases and rent increases.
  • Manage the rental of units.
  • Receive and mediate complaints until resolution with parties involved.
  • Meet with landlords, attorneys, and other entities on a monthly basis.

Financial Management & Assistance

  • Report: Rental payments, unpaid units, & late payments.
  • Manage invoicing and disbursements of funds to employees and contractors.
  • Prepare annual operating budgets.
  • Assist accountants for year-end CPA audit including detailed reports and monthly statements for landlords.

Building & Ground Maintenance Services

  • Inspections & monitoring of contractors.
  • Preventive maintenance measures.
  • 24 hour emergency service.
  • Meet with superintendents to make sure we are aware of all issues and concerns.
  • Review and analyze need for improvements and repairs as well as solicit bids if needed.