“Patrician plays a vital roll in guiding our decisions on maintaining and protecting our property. I full trust their judgments. Patrician and I have open communication about issues that concern our property. They are always available when needed with staff. Patrician has kept documents that are readily available. Lastly, patrician has had years of experience in this business and offer our property an abundance.”

-Tanya Bitar

“Stonegate Village has a long and strong relationship with Patrician Associates.Having the right Management company in place is one of the most important decisions that Board members have to make.For Stonegate Village that decision has been Patrician Associates.In addition to the handling of day to day operations,Patrician Associates has guided Stonegate Village through large and complex capital improvement projects.Projects have included securing financing,bid processes,developing engineering specifications,selecting quality contractors and monitoring the projects for quality and compliance,always with integrity.Patrician Associates has become a partner that Stonegate Village appreciates and relies on.”

-Steven Fetics, President
Stonegate Village Condominium Association

“I have been working with Patrician Associates for about 8 years now and I must say that I am very happy with the way that they manage our complex. Julie and Patricia are both very professional and their expertise is evident in the way they train their people to handle many different situations.”

“It has been a pleasure working with Gabrielle since we came on board with Patrician. She is very adept at handling any “emergency” situation. Gabrielle always will get at least 3 bids for any project that we may need to look into. Patrician’s input may mean that we don’t always go with the lowest bid, but they tell us of their experience with these contractors and, sometimes, it is not only the price that is important. I know that being in the “customer service” business is not an easy task, as the “customer is always right”, even though they may not be. Patrician handles any problems with professionalism bar none. I know that is not always simple, but nothing seems to jar them.”

“I would recommend them to any complex, no matter the size. They do a great job!”

-Sharon A. Ciski
Valley Crest Condo Assn.